Aim Higher

La Maternelle de Marie-Claire distinguishes itself by a philosophy encompassing the mission, objectives, program, social life and other aspects linked to the well-being of students. It offers a warm, secure and welcoming environment. It’s a home away from home where children can explore the world and become active participants in their academic journey. Our mission is to instill a love of learning, to pique the curiosity of the children and encourage them to forge new bonds.

Aim Further

Our kindergarten program is defined by the pedagogical methods and approaches we implement in order to provide a unique and effective learning experience. The program encourages children to push themselves, to aim further, as well as help their classmates, understand the importance of community ties and develop as eco-conscious citizens.

The Kindergarten

The award-winning program of La Maternelle de Marie-Claire allows children to learn and apply their social-emotional and problem-solving skills as well as other strengths they’ll use along the way. We encourage a love of learning at every step of your child’s journey.


The development of self-worth is inherent and helps children to have the confidence they need to overcome any obstacles they encounter. Social-emotional development is at the core of student life: cooperation, patience, sharing and listening is encouraged. A child’s natural curiosity at this age allows them to learn about the world, organize information and solve problems.


Formative and summative activities enable the development of a work ethic in independent and group settings. As the year progresses, the larger group activities will become longer and more involved in preparation for grade one.

The program of La Maternelle de Marie-Claire is an enriching learning experience for students that includes the following courses :




3rd language of your choice



Physical education





Arts and crafts


In terms of sports and physical activity, our outdoor field is the ideal spot for expending energy, thanks to the significant acreage and well-maintained astroturf. La Maternelle de Marie-Claire also has a large gymnasium and a court reserved for the kindergarten students, where they will develop leadership skills.


An integral part of our program is the discovery and application of mathematics; the students will start their first year with a solid base and, we hope, a keen interest in numbers! They have the tools necessary to jumpstart their school years!


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